Hans Sennholz on the Evils of Inflation

Source: The Freeman 1974 Review of “THE FASTEST GAME IN TOWN: Trading Commodity Futures” by Anthony M. Reinach One of the great evils of inflation is the disruption of orderly economic production. Inflation generates malinvestments and maladjustments because economic decisions are no longer guided by considerations of consumer demand, but by the desire to preserve … Continue reading

“The Communist Manifesto” by Robert LeFevre

Among the many influential documents in existence today, which bear heavily upon life in the United States, stands the Communist Manifesto. This is an extremely interesting document and it would behove us to understand at least certain things about it. It was written as I think possibly most of us realise back in 1848. At … Continue reading

Böhm-Bawerk on Marxist Socialism

Karl Marx and the Close of His System, Chapter 5 (p, 117-18) it [socialism] was able to attain influence, great influence, and it will probably only lose it very slowly, and that because it has its most powerful support not in the convinced intellect of its disciples, but in their hearts, their wishes, and their … Continue reading

Böhm-Bawerk on the Exploitation Theory

“The completely just proposition that the worker is to receive the entire value of his product can be reasonably interpreted to mean either that he is to receive the full present value of his product now or that he is to get the entire future value in the future. But the socialists interpret it to … Continue reading